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A program for solopreneurs with big career ambitions:


Overcome Fear & Launch Your Personal Brand in 4-Weeks

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What is Sprouter?

Sprouter is a 4-week program for the audaciously, ambitious. It's for the people who believe they have a gift or mission to share with the world but find themselves stuck, stagnate and frustrated by their progress.

It focuses on overcoming the three biggest fears that plague us: the fear of rejection, the fear of not being enough and the fear of failure. It does this through teaching you techniques the world's best performers and athletes use. Combined with putting you in the Growth Sweet Spot.


Are you ready to overcome every limitation you've ever placed on yourself and take action?

New Growth

Free Goodies For Solopreneurs Who Want To Overcome Fear and Build a Personal Brand

How does this Free Goodie help?

It gives you the method to overcome one of the three biggest fears that cripples our progress: the fear of judgement.


Sprouter was the most transformational container I’ve ever been a part of. I’m so grateful for Nic and all of the beautiful souls in this group for their unwavering support and unconditional love. I’ve stepped into an entirely new version of myself and am making more progress than I’ve ever made before. This program provided me with the tools I needed to locate my blocks, rewrite the beliefs that were holding me back and take action in the direction of my dreams. Thank you so much Nic!!!❤️




Nic is an absolutely incredible human, someone who is there with you every step of the way. There's nothing out there like Sprouter at the moment and so I hope this spreads all over the world. I've always thought if you look at your fears and face them, it'll turn the world around your and life you lead into one closer to your dreams and I think sprouter proves that to be true... If you give this your all, you will be living your dreams and if not you'll be damn close


This experience of Sprouter has begun a re-wiring of my brain and belief systems. Its empowering me to not only believe in my capacity but giving me permission to take action towards my aspirations, hopes and dreams. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who needs a push to get the ball rolling towards their dream goals. So practical, so fun and so rewarding.
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Sprouter is changing my life. Everyday I’m doing the self work I never understood how to do, and never realized how I desperately needed. Sprouter is making me think differently; think more clearly. I’m more honest with myself and growing a deeper love for myself. It’s pretty cool, or whatever. 11/10, would recommend.


Before Sprouter, I thought of myself as a dreamer who might do things. Afterwards, I was a doer with even bigger dreams.
In 4 weeks, I kickstarted projects that had sat on the back burner for 3 years and now I feel grounded my passion projects


Sprouter was such a fun experience I'd recommend to anyone. Nic's turned facing your fears which is usually something quite scary & daunting into an experience that is so fun and expansive, and I couldn't recommend it more if you want to turn your dreams into reality!!


G'day I'm Nic Huzz

In the year 2020, following a journey spanning 13 years of schooling, 4 years of university education, and dedicating 6 months to (unpaid) internships, I finally secured my dream job.


However, a month into this new role, I was confronted with a frightening reality: I failed to find any joy or fulfillment in the role.


The convergence of this disappointment with the constraints of lockdowns propelled me into the depths of an existential crisis.


This crisis led me to devote the subsequent three years to a meticulous process of reconstructing my foundational beliefs, aiming to chart a more purposeful course for my life.


Guided by my fervor for continuous learning and enriched by half a decade of hands-on experience in program development, the concept of Nikigai University emerged.


Nikigai University is everything I wish school and university taught me about designing a life true to my being. 


The programs empower participants to breakthrough the systems and structures in society that keep us bound to the traditional ways of living and working. They are designed so you find answers to live on your own terms.

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